Wrongful Death Lawsuits for Xarelto Fatal Bleeding

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Thousands of Xarelto lawsuits have been filed since 2014, many of which are wrongful death complaints. A wrongful death complaint may be filed when someone dies due to the negligence or fault of another party.  A major reason for the increased risk of bleeding to death on Xarelto appears to be linked to the lack of an approved reversal agent, as there is no safe and effective antidote available that doctors can use to quickly stop hemorrhaging that may develop. According to allegations raised in Xarelto death lawsuits being pursued nationwide, Bayer and Johnson & Johnson placed their desire for profits before consumer safety by failing to fully explore all potential reversal agents before introducing the medication. In addition, important information about the lack of an antidote was buried within the prescribing information. Studies have also suggested that the drug makers may have reduced the risk of patients dying on Xarelto from uncontrollable bleeding if they had provided stronger warnings and recommended blood monitoring during treatment.

Xarelto Dangerous Side Effects and Lawsuits

The drug was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2011 for the prevention of blood clots and deep vein thrombosis in patients undergoing knee and hip replacements, atrial fibrillation, patients with acute coronary syndrome. It generally prescribed as an alternative to Warfarin (coumadin), a blood thinner that began to be used in 1954. The most serious potential side effects, complications and risks caused by Xarelto are severe internal bleeding, hemorrhaging and wrongful death, with no antidote available for doctors to control Xarelto bleeding events.

A plaintiff on May 22, 2015, filing on behalf of her deceased spouse against Bayer and Johnson & Johnson in United States District court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, according to the complaint, the decedent was prescribed Xarelto on or about December, 2012, and subsequently presented to the emergency department on May 8, 2013 with a pronounced cerebral hemorrhage. He was immediately admitted to the Intensive Care Unit, and was thereafter transferred to a skilled nursing facility while recovering from the sudden onset of brain bleeding. Despite medical interventions, the decedent passed away on May 22, 2013 – allegedly from complications suffered as a result of exposure to the drug.


A New Orleans man alleges Xarelto caused his wife to bleed uncontrollably and led to injuries that caused her death. Plaintiff filed the case in early April in the U.S. District Court alleging that Xarelto’s drug manufacturer, Bayer, negligently and fraudulently represented the controversial drug to the medical and health care community. He is reportedly demanding unspecified damages, claiming Bayer knew about the possible serious side effects, yet still aggressively marketed Xarelto while failing to warn physicians and patients that there was no effective antidote.



Xarelto has been targeted with increasing critical observation over the past several years, and its manufacturers are alleged to have unlawfully concealed the truth about its tendency to cause life-threatening hemorrhages and internal bleeding. Xarelto’s troubles have not escaped the attention of government regulators. Two FDA “black box” warnings are prominently featured on the drug’s label. Many patients who suffered bleeding-related injuries, strokes, pulmonary embolisms, deep vein thrombosis, and heart attacks have sued. Most of these lawsuits are product liability lawsuits against the manufacturers Johnson & Johnson and Janssen Pharmaceuticals. While people file lawsuits for many reasons, the most prominent reason is to recover financial compensation for a patient’s injuries.

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