Woman filed hip replacement lawsuit against the Manufacturer

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Thousands of lawsuits have been filed against the hip implant kit manufacturers who commits that the implant can decrease the pain, increase mobility, improvements in activities of daily living and Improve quality of life. Many Patients who have experienced problems from Hip Implant have filed lawsuit alleges that the companies made defective products and failed to warn the public about the risks. The hip implant recipients also claim that hip implantation causes serious complications like Fracture, Infection, Blood clots and metallosis. There are six major manufacturers who manufacturer hip implant kits include Biomet, DePuy, Smith & Nephew, Stryker, Wright and Zimmer. Johnson & Johnson and its DePuy unit are facing more than 12,000 of lawsuits have been filed against the hip implant kit manufacturers who commits that the implant can decrease the pain, increase mobility HIP replacement lawsuits filed by people in U.S. state and federal courts alleging injury from its ASR metal-on-metal hip devices.

Recently a 27 year old woman filed a lawsuit against hip implant manufacturer DePuy International Ltd. Ms Kenneally, a sales technician from Hill view, Waterford was suffering from debilitating pain. On August 17, 2005 she received hip implant on her left side hip. According to the court document she was just 16 year old when she went for the implantation. Few months later she was suffering pain which got progressively worse as a result she had lost all the fun and amusements of her life. As per Ms Kenneally attorney’s statement she has had to undergo additional, painful, and costly revision operations and is due another in the next two years.

Ms Kenneally accuses the manufacturer that the HIP implant was defective or not suitable and as a result she has suffered personal injuries, upset, distress, loss and damage. She will have to survive with this pain and discomfort throughout her life. She blames the company that because of her hip problem she missed out on unique bonding and parenting time and interaction with her daughter. The implantation has ruined her life. The manufacturer clarified that there device was not defective one and denied all the allegations rose over them. The HIP implant lawsuit is continued in the court.

Many people go for the replacement surgery from all over the world due their health issues. One of the major reasons for hip implantation is Osteoarthritis, Normally recognized as deterioration arthritis; osteoarthritis damages the slick cartilage that covers the ends of bones and helps joints move smoothly. There are some more reasons includes Rheumatoid arthritis, Due to a hyperactive immune system, rheumatic arthritis produces a type of inflammation that can erode bone and cartilage and deform joints. Osteonecrosis, The ball part of the hip joint bone may fall down if there is insufficient blood supply. There are many severe risk and complications associated with the hip implantation. Plaintiffs claim that if the manufacturers properly warned them about risks associated with their devices, they would have chosen other treatment options.

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