Side effects of IVC Filter

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Several cases have been reported against inferior vena cava (IVC) filters. Instead of curing the problems it is causing the same problems which it is supposed to prevent. IVC filters are now causing deep vein thrombosis; this is a condition they were made to stop.

IVC filters were launched in the market in 1979 and it took 30 years to notice the damage they are causing. Finally FDA issued its first warning after a lawsuit was filed against the device. Over 900 cases have been reported claiming injuries and complications caused by Inferior vena cava (IVC filters). NBC news published an investigative report exposing criminal fraud done by IVC filter manufacturer C.R. Bard.



The IVC (Inferior Vena Cava) filter is a small, cage-like device, resembling a common cellar spider. It is inserted into the inferior vena cava in order to trap these clots and prevent them from entering the heart or pulmonary system. Patients who have undergone joint replacements face the danger of blood clots traveling up the major vein that carries deoxygenated blood from the lower extremities to the heart. If a clot blocks blood flow to the heart or lungs, the patient can suffer a debilitating stroke.

One of the doctors at Stanford University has developed a procedure to successfully take out the device. Still, it remains a very specialized skill, and very few surgeons are qualified to carry out this high-risk procedure. IVC filter was manufactured to be a transitory measure for patients who cannot tolerate anticoagulant medication (such as Xarelto). However, two problems have become evident. First, IVC filters are prone to breakage, allowing small metal pieces to travel through the cardiovascular system and become lodged in tissues and puncture internal organs, with potentially fatal consequences. Secondly, the devices are very difficult to remove.

Its has been evident the number of patients who has suffered because of IVC filters are increasing on a daily basis. Numerous lawsuits are being filed and it is quite big risk because Metal fragments or even the device itself can enter the heart muscle, causing an embolism.

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