Invokana lawsuit and settlement

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There has been a considerable increase in number of people filing Invokana lawsuit in Philadelphia considering the rise in safety concern. The attorneys are also investigating other drugs in the diabetes type 2 class which is also known as SGLT2. Attorneys across the states are filing invokana lawsuit on behalf of local plantiff, there has been a high number of cases being filed from Philadelphia. The Invokana lawsuit are claiming Invokana settlement stating that the manufactuerers failed to warn patients and doctors of the side effects of Invokana.


Invokana Risks


Invokana has a number of side effects including some that are severe and could be a life threat.


One of the most popular diabetes drug, Invokana (canagliflozin) has also been linked to an increased risk and serious side effects which includes severe urinary tract infection (UTI), kidney failure, and heart attack.  There has been a recent case related to an increase in the risk of leg or foot amputation when taking Invokana which clear states invokana risks leg and foot amputation.


There have also been cases of Kidney failure. It occurs when the kidneys stop working.  The kidneys help to maintain electrolyte, glucose, fluid and balance and regulate blood pressure.  Hence, there is a risk of urinary tract infection if more sugar is released through the urine. If there is a severe urinary tract infection, it can spread into the body and may damage the kidneys. The action of invokana on the kidneys might increase the chance of kidney failure and damage.



Diabetes Ketoacidosis may occur when the body cannot use glucose as a fuel source for cellular purposes.  This may lead to breakdown of fat, which can result in the accumulation of an acidic byproduct ketones.


Along with Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has also seen a large number of cases where Invokana attorney are filing lawsuit across the states on behalf of patient who had any complication from Invokana. If the number of cases continues to grow , the attorney states that the judge may consolidate all the cases and ask the manufacturer to pay a lump sum compensation. If you have required leg or foot amputation or have experienced any Invokana side effects such as kidney failure, urinary tract infection, ketoacidosis, heart attack after taking Invokana, you might be eligible for financial compensation. Please reach out to for a free case review if you are willing to file an Invokana claim and had any injuries from Invokana.


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