FDA to Investigate Talc Link with Ovarian Cancer

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Talcum powder is an astringent powder used over many decades, women applied talc-based powders for preventing bad odor of their private parts. It is use to treat babies diaper rash, as a deodorant, and for other cosmetic uses. Talc particles easily made their way into the vagina and were able to travel deeper into the reproductive organs where women may face an increased risk of ovarian cancer from talcum powder. Johnson & Johnson, the pharmaceutical giant and talcum powder distributor faces several lawsuits related to their life threatening medical products. According to several lawsuits, Johnson & Johnson knew of the health risks associated with powders containing talc and failed to warn consumers of the danger. Studies related to Talcum Powder have suggested that long term use of talc powder to keep moisture, odor and chafing under control around their vagina may contribute to the development of ovarian cancer. However, J&J has not published any warning for consumers.

As per a recent report the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have recently begun a study for examining possible link of Talc and Ovarian Cancer. According to the report the agency’s Office of Color and Cosmetics is revising its earlier inspection of epidemiological publications on the use of talcum powder and ovarian cancer. The report summarizes that the Office of Women’s Health promote a new project called as Lab research is to investigate talc’s adverse effects on female genital system tissues which have not been appropriately investigated till yet. Johnson & Johnson refused to provide any information or comment on the agency new investigations. Cancer is hard to study because it develops over a long period of time and is influenced by many factors, including genes, behaviors and environmental exposures. As per the study done by Dr. Daniel Cramer in 1982, a 92 percent increased risk for ovarian cancer amongst women who used body powder in their genital area. From decades many studies reveals the fact that talc link with Ovarian Cancer However, the company falsely marketed its product as safe and effective to be use.

Not long ago, a group of physicians from Manhattan claimed that there is a significant link between women’s talcum-powder use and ovarian cancer. According to Dr. Paolo Boffetta, associate director for cancer prevention at The Tisch Cancer Institute of Mount Sinai Hospital, The international team of researchers reexamined the studies that included 302,000 patients with ovarian cancer and reviewed 24 previously published statistical analyses; Talcum powder is prepared from talc. A mineral equipped up chiefly of the fundamentals magnesium, silicon, and oxygen. The doctors found that talcum powder is 20 % higher risk for women who use it as feminine hygienic purpose in compare to the women who say they did not. However the researchers have no evidence of a device by which talc might cause the cancer.

According to the American Cancer Society more research is needed. The company conspired and conceals the harmful effect cause by Shower-to-Shower product and Johnson’s Baby Powder and have continued to design, manufacture, sell, distribute, market, promote, and supply the products so as to maximize sales and profits at the expense of public health and safety. If you’ve developed ovarian cancer and used talcum powder please contact for a free talcum powder lawsuit case review. We are not afraid to take on the nation’s largest corporations in their pursuit of justice, and are committed to ensuring that all victims have access to the type of aggressive legal advocacy that assures success.

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