Attorneys are Filing Lawsuits against Talcum Powder Manufacturers

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According to a report on the behalf of 20 Ovarian Cancer victims Attorneys from Ireland are planning to file a lawsuit against the manufacturers of Talcum Powder. The women are claiming that the talcum powder products produced by Johnson & Johnson leads them to ovarian cancer. The lawsuit also involves the deceased women who were using this product for decades unknowingly about its severe and life-threatening risk. According to a report published in the Irish Times, thousands of lawsuits filed against the manufacturer have similar litigation in the U.S. and many have already been awarded millions of dollars in compensation. Recently there are three massive verdicts awarded to Johnson & Johnson talcum powder plaintiffs involved in a centralized litigation now underway in Missouri Circuit Court in St. Louis. (Case No 1422-CC09012-01).

Several numbers of studies concludes that there is an association between talcum powder use in the genital area and ovarian cancer. The growing numbers of lawsuits alleges the manufacturer that they were aware of almost 40 years of independent scientific studies which linked the use of their products to higher risk of ovarian cancer when the talc was applied in the genital area but they have continued to design, manufacture, sell, distribute, market, promote, and supply the products so as to maximize sales and profits at the expense of public health and safety. J&J has denied the allegations that their products cause cancer and has clarified that there is no causal link exists between talcum powder and ovarian cancer. Despite feeling guilty the company is claiming the scientific evidence support its safety. Johnson & Johnson is preparing to fight the legal battles as the number of lawsuits is increasing day by day.

More than 2,500 talc-related Ovarian Cancer diagnoses per year out of which 10% of all Ovarian Cancers are believed to be talc related. In addition 1,500 deaths cases are listed per year which is associated with the adverse effects cause by talc. Several investigations on talc increase the medical evidence which suggest Women should not use talcum powder as an intimate hygiene powder because of its link to ovarian cancer. The women are advices by their physicians for less use of the Talc. The company has never put a warning notice or label on its talcum powder products and decided to withhold the information as per them the risk was not significant enough to require a product warning. Due to the negligence and not adequately warning the potential ovarian cancer risks by the manufacturers thousands of women throughout the United States may have developed ovarian cancer and fighting with their lives.

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